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Diane's Review ~ Riot Street by Tyler King

Riot StreetRiot Street by Tyler King
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars


Clever, funny, deep....
From the opening pages I was invested in Avery’s incredibly complicated life. When Ethan joined it to make the complex even more of a puzzle, I was all in! A man from privilege and a woman from anything but meet over a shared vocation and a love of words and truth. This is not a simple story of boy meets girl – no, this story is all about layers. Layers that include clever writing, biting humour and a humanness that had me invested in their story from the start.
“She’s complex and at times contradictory – a woman at odds with herself. That much, at least, I can relate to.”
I started reading in the late evening and was looking for something quick and lighthearted to lull me into sleep. That was SO not this book! I wanted to put the book down, honestly. I didn’t want to start caring about these characters who had a lot to say and a lot going on. After I started reading though, I couldn’t stop. Avery and Ethan, their friends and co-workers, their families – they were spellbinding! The relationships between them all – the good, the bad and the very ugly – should have been over the top drama but instead they were so real. Their struggles to do the right thing, to make the right decisions, to stay upright and sane in a world that tested you every minute.
“Then quit your bitching, love, and get to work.”
Great. Good talk.

Through it all, these two were drawn together – as professionals, as friends and, soon, lovers…
The writing is beautiful and playful. It made me think and smile at the same time. The author was able to breathe life into characters that immediately felt like old friends, that I’d known (and loved) them for a very long time… Their journey was a ride I didn’t even know I wanted to take until it was over and I wanted to start all over again. I will be rereading this story. To savour once more the twists and turns, the clever writing, the fun and heat between such flawed characters that made them so… perfect.
“The biggest changes were in the smallest details.”

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Release Blitz ~ Chester by Esther E. Schmidt

Title: “Chester”
Series: Swamp Heads #3
Author: Esther E. Schmidt
Cover Design: Esther E. Schmidt
Model / Photographer: Golden Czermak / FuriousFotog
Novella, Romance, Standalone, INSTAlove
Buy links to all platforms:
Hiding. Chester is very familiar with this skill, in fact, he’s mastered it. Whether it’s in an old pair of jeans showing a little ass cheek or in the safe haven of his basement behind his computer, he hides who he really is. That is until he meets Serenity and her daughter, Amelia.
Serenity and Amelia’s visit to ‘Bertie’s Snap & Wrap’ gator farm is in danger of being cut short, until Chester steps up and offers a solution. With an open mind but a closed heart, Serenity finds herself being swept off her feet by Chester’s enchanting devotion.
Some issues cut deep; they are hard to face and even harder to find a solution. They always say love will find a way. Chester has come out of hiding but will Serenity's heart do the same? Will Chester be able to breach the walls that Serenity has built? Love at first sight is the easy part, building a future is what you have to work for.
Chester is the third novella in The Swamp Head Series; a seven book novella series based on a family born and raised in the swamp. Each sibling will get their own INSTAlove story told and even though it is a series, each book is a standalone. Come meet Chester and his six brothers and sisters; Cyrus, Earle & Zeke (twins), Roscoe, Hallie Mae & Elsie (twins).
Dig into the Swamp Heads series now with Cyrus (book #1)! He’s #FREE on all platforms:
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Release Blitz ~ Billionaire Daddy's Virgin by Bella Love-Wins

Title: Billionaire Daddy's Virgin 
Author: Bella Love-Wins 
Genre: Romance

Release Day ~ #Review ~ Aces Wild by Emmy Curtis

ACES WILD by Emmy Curtis (April 30, 2017; Forever Yours eBook; $4.99; Elite Ops series #1)

In the heat of the Nevada desert, the most elite military pilots in the world are about to engage in some friendly competition. Only this year, someone is changing all the rules...

RAF pilot Dexter Stone has been through his fair share of sticky situations. After living through a crash in enemy territory where no one expected him to walk away, the Red Flag training exercises should be a piece of cake-assuming he can keep his mind on the mission and not on the smart mouth of his gorgeous American competition.

As one of the few women in a sky full of hotshot flyboys, Maj. Eleanor Daniels has worked day and night to earn a coveted spot at Red Flag. And she's not about to let some cocky British bad boy distract her from winning. But when the games take a deadly turn, he may be her only hope for survival.

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Release Day ~ Live Out Loud by Marie Meyer

LIVE OUT LOUD by Marie Meyer (April 30, 2017; Forever Yours eBook; $3.99)

I thought I'd live in silence forever . . . and then I met him.

I'll never be able to hear, but music has always been a source of comfort for me. Rather than listen to the rhythm, I can actually feel the beat pulsing through me. It's pure bliss. So the moment I saw Thorin playing his guitar, I was mesmerized. I'd never seen anything more beautiful . . . or intimate. I couldn't tell where his body ended and the song began. He's everything I need in my life . . . I'm falling fast, hard, and deep.

I want him more than anything. But while I live in silence, Thor lives in secrets. He's holding something back-something that's keeping this intensity, this longing from being real. And the silence may be too loud to bear . . .

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Release Day ~ #Review ~ Riot Street by Tyler King

RIOT STREET by Tyler Kind (April 30, 2017; Forever Yours eBook; $3.99)

Sometimes, getting in too deep is the only way to survive…

As darkly charismatic as he is unpredictable, Ethan Ash knows me better than I know myself.  He’s spent years unraveling the family scandal I’ve tried desperately to escape.  I once thought that made us adversaries.  Now he’s the closest ally I have left.  

Ethan’s both the chaos around me and the deep, calm center where I feel safe.  People warn me about him, tell me he’s dangerous.  Don’t fall for him.  But its too late.  Because I can’t tell where my addiction ends…and his obsession begins.

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Release Blitz ~ Avarice Unleashed by A.C. Melody

Release Blitz

Cover Reveal ~ Cloudy Mirrors by Shane Robert

Cloudy Mirrors by Shane Robert
A Standalone Novel
 Romantic Suspense Novel
Releasing June 5th!

Book Blitz ~ Spellbound by Laura Greenwood

Book Blitz:
Laura Greenwood

Apr 24th - May 1st

Release Blitz ~ Her Silver Fox by Koko Brown

Title: Her Silver Fox 
Author: Koko Brown 
Genre: Contemporary, Sensual, Interracial

Release Tour ~ #Review ~ Fire on the Farm by Betty Shreffler

Title: Fire on the Farm
Author: Betty Shreffler
Genre: Second Chance Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 29, 2017

Release Blitz ~ Misbehaved by Charleigh Rose

Title: Misbehaved
Author: Charleigh Rose
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: April 30, 2017

Double Release ~ No Remorse & Unselfish Love by Desiree A. Cox

No Remorse & Unselfish Love
by Desiree A. Cox
Cover Designer:  Book Cover By Design
Release Date: April 29, 2017

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New Release ~ Distraction by Emily Snow

Release Blitz ~ Silver Screen by Sheritta Bitikofer

Silver ScreenBy Sheritta Bitikofer Release Blitz

Release Blitz ~ Destroyed By Love by Shweta Choudhary

Title: Destroyed By Love 
Author: Shweta Choudhary 
Genre: Romance 

Release Blitz ~ D. I. L. F. by Alexis Angel

Title: D ♦ I ♦ L ♦ F 
Author: Alexis Angel 
Genre: Romance 

Book Blitz ~ #Review ~ Shamed & Scorned by Chelsea Camaron & Ryan Michele

Title: Shamed & Scorned
Series: Ruthless Rebels #1-#2
Author: Chelsea Camaron & Ryan Michele
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: Available now on all platforms

Cover Reveal ~ Set Us Free by MR Leahy

The cover for Set Us Free by MR Leahy is HERE! DARK ROMANCE LOVERS, GET EXCITED!!
Release Date: May 23 
Series: Bound Forever, Book 2 
Cover Photographer: Wilberto Sierra 
Cover Models: Lance Jones & Irene Silver 
Cover Designer: SK Designs

Blog Tour ~ The Necromancer's Prey by Laura Greenwood

Blog Tour:
The Necromancer's Prey (Paranormal Council #3)
Laura Greenwood

Apr 26th - May 3rd

Release Tour ~ Rage Against the Devil by T. Birmingham

Title: Rage Against the Devil
Series: Wild Beasts Series #2
Author: T. Birmingham
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Release Date: April 28, 2017

Release Blitz ~ Arrested Heart by SM Donaldson

Title: Arrested Heart
Series: Dispatch 247 Series
Author: S.M. Donaldson
Genre: Adult Romance
Release Date: April 27, 2017

Blog Tour ~ Protection by Jay S. Wilder, Kendra Wild & Savannah Knight

Title: Protection 
Author: Jay S. Wilder 
Author: Kendra Wild 
Author: Savannah Knight 

Cover Reveal ~ Fluff by Kailee Reese Samuels

Title: Fluff
Author: Kailee Reese Samuels
Genre: NA Romance/Suspense
Published: June 11, 2017

Friday, April 28, 2017

Release Blitz ~ #Review ~ Dazed by Maria Macdonald

 photo banner_zpsfd3cw2mb.jpg

Book: Dazed
Series: The Deliverance Series
Author: Maria Macdonald


Release Blitz ~ Cinderella.Com by River Laurent

Title: Cinderella.Com
Author: River Laurent 
Genre: Romance 

Book Tour ~ How to Date When You’re Dead by Lisa London

To make a promotion in the ever after, 
she’s going to have to manage not only her own dating dilemmas 
but those of her clutzy, dating-disaster assistant.

A Paranormal Romantic Comedy
Lisa London
Released March 16, 2017

Dual Cover Reveal ~ Dangerous Hearts & Destined Hearts by K.K. Allen

Cover Design: Okay Creations
Photo credit: Eric David Battershell
Model: Johnny Kane
Release Date: May 18, 2017

Cover Reveal ~ Fighting My Affections by Elizabeth Wills

Cover Reveal Title: Fighting My Affections 
Series: The Affections Series Book Three 
Author: Elizabeth Wills 
Cover Designer: Susan Garwood from Wicked Women Designs

Cover Reveal ~ Kingdom by A.M. Johnson

Kingdom (Avenues Ink Series #2) by A.M. Johnson
Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Mary Ruth - The Reading Ruth
Cover Model: Steve Gehrke
Release Date: May 25, 2017

Release Blitz ~ Forsaken by B. B. Hamel & Willow Winters

Title: Forsaken 
Authors: B. B. Hamel & Willow Winters 

Release Blitz ~ The Bohemian and the Businessman by Katy Regnery

Title: The Bohemian and the Businessman
Series: The Story Sisters #1
(The Blueberry Lane Series)
Author: Katy Regnery
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 28, 2017

Cover Reveal ~ ManEater by Aleya Michelle

Title: ManEater
My Heart Series Standalone Spin Off
Author: Aleya Michelle
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Comedy
Cover Design: Marisa Shor, Cover Me Darling
Release Date: May 18, 2017

Blog tour ~ The Admiral's Elite by HK Savage

Series: The Admiral's Elite
Author: HK Savage
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Second Sight On Sale for 99 cents

Blog Tour ~ Preppy Part Three by T.M. Frazier


Preppy, Part Three: The Life and Death of Samuel Clearwater by T.M. Frazier is available now!!!

Release Blitz ~ #Review ~ Son of a Beard by Lani Lynn Vale

Title: Son of a Beard
Series: The Dixie Wardens Rejects MC #3
Author: Lani Lynn Vale
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: April 27, 2017
Photographer: Golden at FuriousFotog
Cover Model: Tank Joey

Cover Re-Reveal ~ Anchored Hearts Series by J.M. Witt

Cover Re-Reveal
Letting Go of Us (Anchored Hearts Vol.3)
By J.M. Witt

Kiss Your Mate Day eBook Giveaway Event

Welcome to April 28th is Kiss Your Mate Day eBook Giveaway Event. Believe it or not, Kiss Your Mate Day is an actual holiday. So pucker up and give that special someone in your life a big fat kiss of love. To recognize this romantic day, a group of talented romance authors has come together to celebrate hugs and kisses, from romantic love to paranormal love to contemporary love. It's all here, a weekend of free eBooks to last you through the spring.