Thursday, July 30, 2020

99c Sale ~ Flame Series Boxed Set by Daniella Brodsky

★★★ 99¢ SALE ★★★
The FLAME SERIES BOX SET, Books #1 & #2 by Daniella Brodsky is on sale for just 99¢ July 25th - 30th (Amazon US/UK ONLY)!!!

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From Amazon bestselling author Daniella Brodsky comes a delicious box set of two full-length novels from the Flame Series, full to the hilt with steamy second-chance romance and alphas so hot you’ll need to turn up the air-con.

These swoony romances will introduce you to:
One smoldering Aussie alpha soldier, one smokin’ Hawaiian-Irish ex-boyfriend who’s hotter than ever, and a Billionaire Aussie who can melt panties in a single glance. Now grab that cold drink and prep yourself for three hot reads.

Book One: Keep Calm and Perfect Your Smolder
When my girlfriend’s best friend turns out to be my ex, the love of my life, I know the fates have aligned: I have to get her back. I have to show her that she was the path I should have chosen all those years ago.

Book Two: Aloha Old Flame
I did the right thing convincing Emma to sever her small-town tie to the island that would only drag her back. I knew her move to Paris would break our hearts, but she was off to bigger and better things and damn if I was going to be the one to stand in her way. Back then, I was sure eventually, I’d meet someone else, the way people always did when they got older. We were just kids, and I was cocky. How could I not be with the way girls were literally lining up for me? And for years, I’d convinced myself I was the hero in all this, until I couldn’t convince myself any longer.

*This box set contains two full-length romances with guaranteed HEAs. The Flame Series books have some crossover characters but can be read in any order and have no cliffhangers.

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