Friday, July 24, 2020

Book Tour ~ #REVIEW ~ Shameless Vows by Katherine L. Evans

 Title: Shameless Vows
Series: A Shameless Love Novel #2
Author: Katherine L. Evans
Genre: Contemporary/Dark Royal/Suspense Romance
Release Date: July 7, 2020

When we fell in love, he was royalty. When our wedding day arrived, he had become a nightmare. And I became his prisoner.
As children, he promised to protect me for as long as he lived. As teens, we fell in love and promised each other forever. He was the love of my life. Then he disappeared without a trace.
Ten years later, he shows up at my family's estate, wielding his royal title and influence over my father like a weapon.
Malachi Sterling, the Duke of Corwick, transformed from a tender, sweet boy who held my heart in his loving hands, into a steely-eyed, sinister man who purchased my life and freedom with the sweep of a pen.
Ten years after promising to marry each other, Malachi and I stand before God and our power-hungry families as we exchange vows.
"I, Isla Sofía Reyes, take thee, Malachi Sterling, to be my wedded husband.
To have and to hold..."
To be ensnared and possessed.
"In sickness and health..."
In selfishness and torment.
"To love and to cherish..."
To defy, and despise, and make him rue the day we met.
"'Til death do us part."
'Til the day I can finally uncover the secret that changed him forever.

Absolutely fantastic story!! This is my first by this author and I desperately want more now. We meet Isla and Malachi who are friends since childhood. They fall in love but then it all changes in a blink of an eye. Isla is a fantastic heroine. She's in love but when things go wrong she shows her strength and independence. Malachi you'll probably dislike for part of the book but slowly he'll creep into your heart and you'll want to hold him close. Together, these two are fireworks! This story was a tad confusing at times but all is revealed in a terrifically written story. It was riveting and I absolutely could not put it down until I was finished. There is a book before this that I don't feel you need to read to enjoy this story, but I am intrigued and will go back to read that as well. Although there is a happily ever after, the end will still leave you wanting more.  


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