Sunday, July 26, 2020

Jess's Review ~ Birdy by Dee Garcia

Birdy (Upper Echelon Duet #1)
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


This was a unique story, that is not over. There was also this grittiness to it, with a touch of taboo and darkness that made it really quite interesting and now I am dying to see where it goes.

Birdie, aka Benita or Bennie, has grown up poor but finds opportunity in the worst of places. This opportunity leads her to another incarceration and one step closer to kissing the American dream behind. Angel is behind all of her bad decisions, but even that is not enough to keep him far from her mind. What the two of them had was nothing short of explosive.

But while Bennie is serving her time, like the good little criminal, CO Bala comes waltzing into her world. Andres sees nothing but poor choices when it comes to Bennie but he can't for the life of him stay away. He is a good guy, does the right things but working at this prison is making him questions all of his good intentions.

Bennie is a tough cookie, she is hard as nails and takes charge no matter where she is. But what has this life brought her thus far, certainly not the dreams she was hoping for. Now she has a choice, a very difficult choice and only time will tell what she will choose. While this is a book one and the story is not done, it doesn't leave us in a terrible place. I think it was smart to end where it did because now we have time to theorize what is going to happen and build anticipation for the next book. I'm just hoping it isn't too long of a wait.

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