Sunday, July 26, 2020

Jess's Review ~ Dangerously by M. Never

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars


A little bit dark, full of suspense and edge of your seat moments, and a whole lot of couldn't put it down. Like seriously I did not want to stop once I started.

M Never has a way of weaving a tale that I can't get enough of. Fallon is our assassin and she is something else. She is fierce and quick, but feminine and vulnerable. She doesn't always make the smartest choices but she does what she thinks is the right thing. Her story is not for the faint of heart but her strength on the other side is inspiring.

Declan, our tatted, assassin is just what you want the bad boy to be. He is gruff and hard on the outside but has this soft side. He makes choices that get him into a load of trouble but you know that saying about good intentions... Declan was just a good character, he was likable but in this alpha manly way.

This story went places I didn't see coming and that is one of the things I just really enjoyed about the book. The crazy tangents that left me dumbfounded. The chemistry between these two was palpable. This was a book that made me sit literally at the edge of my couch and it might have even broken my heart. It's been a while since M Never has released a book and she certainly came out swinging and hit a home run with this one.

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