Monday, July 27, 2020

Jess's Review ~ The Institute Anthology

The Institute
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Dark, sexy and twisted tales from inside of Serenity, a home for the criminally insane or grade A deviants.

I liked the way that this anthology was all set in the same place. I wish they were a bit more connected but they definitely brought out the crazy from inside the walls. Some of these authors I have read in the past, so I knew what I was getting into and some of them were new to me and fit right in.

This starts with Echo by Dani Rene, a bit of split-personality mixed with the taboo doctor Ansel. This was sexy in a very naughty type of way. Our good doctor is almost just as devious as his patient. This moved very quickly and while it certainly kept my attention it seemed to end faster than I expected.

Marbh by Anna Edwards, was a what in the ever-loving-world did I just read, type of story. It was really fascinating and completely unexpected. It's about a woman caught up in a world that she doesn't quite belong in and the very hard-core and bloody type of journey to figure out how to get to where she belongs.

Then to move onto Hostile Illusion by India R Adams, which was another, holy mother what in the world, type of read. This one was heartbreaking on all accounts. Another ending that I did not anticipate and out of all the stories, probably the one that will stay with me the most. Just thinking about it hurts my heart.

Mr Cat Is Not Real by Jennifer Bene, might have been the craziest of the bunch of stories. JB is a new to me author and this was wildly imaginative and pretty dark. What is real, what is not real, and how does the little patient figure it all out. This little story was crazy.

Release Me by Murphy Wallace was a scorcher and I am glad it's not complete. There were not enough pages to do this story justice and I am really glad there will be more of it. This patient is naughty, naughty but when she goes too far being locked down in exactly what she does not need. Enter the sexy doctor to come and fix her broken and you have yourself a dark and sizzling little bite.

Lastly was Sanitorium by Sian B Claven, this is also a new to me author. This tale had a bit of mystery to go along with the twins. Quite messed up, with a lot of "hallucinations" this was a nice dark ending to this crazy ride.

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