Sunday, July 26, 2020

Jess's Review ~ Starlet by Cora Kenborn

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Another Sinister Fairy Tale and this time this is the retelling of Anastasia, which interestingly I have never seen. I did go and look the movie up of course and this does seem to be a dark and twisted retelling of the "original." Having no point of reference made this book more intriguing. I had no idea where it was going and I am not sure that even if I know the tale I would have seen all the twists and turns that this book had.

Angel was just a waitress attempting and failing, to make ends meet after her failed attempt at Hollywood fame. Until the right person walks through the doors and causes her blood to boil. She is a feisty and quick-witted but Hollywood spit her out once so going back a second time was not in the cards for her. But when that right person makes an offer she'd be silly to refuse, headfirst into a messed up, and mindboggling adventure she goes.

Dominic is a bit of hustler, bit of con-artist, and a bit of a seeker of truth. When he stumbles upon Angel all of his frustration and deadends finally come an end. Or so he thinks. With an offer she almost resists, Dominic brings the Queen back to Hollywood. Dominic is a bit harder of a pill to swallow than I thought he would be. He is very hot and then freezing. He has a quick temper which could get him killed given the circles he runs in. And he has a soft spot for Angel, but the why is part of the intrigue of the story.

There were a number of players in this book and at times I was a bit lost. There was a lot going on and a lot that didn't make sense until the end. There were somethings that I just knew but other pieces that I did not see coming. With a wildly interesting twist at the end, this book was well worth the frustration you felt trying to figure it all out.

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