Sunday, July 26, 2020

Jess's Review ~ Zhànzhì: A Dark Retelling by Anna Edwards

Zhànzhì: A Dark Retelling
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


This is Mulan for adults and I liked it very much.

A nice addition to this series and this is a story that really follows the original which I appreciated. While the story follows, this is not a child's story, not even a little bit. Lia is our Mulan, she has the heart of a warrior for sure. When her father gets called to fight, Lia knows what she must do. Pretending to be a boy, she gets noticed for her superior fighting skills.

Jaxson is the general for the Yu Shi, a Chinese Mafia fraction in California. Their enemies are the Jin Long who are lead by the evil and ruthless Wang. Jaxson is known as the Blond Devil and long believed to be part of a prophecy that will bring peace to the Yu Shi and end this long war. Jaxson takes notice to his new soldier and starts to feels things that are not expected.

This is sexy and dark, full of bloodshed and fierce conviction. I did really enjoy Ms. Edwards' reimagining of this story. There were things that moved quickly but the story felt full and well-developed.

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