Monday, August 3, 2020

Jess's Review ~ Ashes by Aleatha Romig

Ashes (Web of Desire, #3) My rating: 5 of 5 stars


This was an explosive and deadly conclusion to this trilogy. All of the bits and pieces that we had been fed in the prior two books come together in this crazy ride of a story.

Patrick, the pillar of strength, is brought to his knees by the revelations he sees unfolding. What he had been lead to believe is not the truth and when the truth comes out, plotting and planning start coming together. He is fiercely loyal to his family and will stop at nothing to make amends for the past.

Maddie is something else entirely. When you thought you knew her story, you realize you didn't. There are still a lot of years in between the church and the poker game and I was simply fascinated by all of the in-between. It was not pretty, but what comes out of it is perfect.

The other Sparrow players play a big role in this conclusion as their lives are more intertwined than ever. Seeing them work like a well-oiled machine is something to behold. They are all smart and have skills that are unmatched and there is no question as to who rules it all. I really can't say how much I enjoyed this trilogy, along with the others. The background story was really like a labyrinth of moving pieces and players and it was so consuming. The story between Patrick and Maddie was heartbreaking and breathtaking. I just really loved this world that was created and now am again left in a funk because I was, yet again, Aleatha'd.

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