Sunday, August 23, 2020

Jess's Review ~ Link by Serena Akeroyd

Link (A Dark and Dirty Sinners' MC Series, #2)Link by Serena Akeroyd
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Book two in this series kicks up the backstory to a whole new level.

The Lancaster's have a lot more skeleton's in their closet than anyone from the MC expected. They knew there was more to Luke after he was taken care of, but no one expected this turn of events.

Lily has been hiding in the shadows of her terrible life as long as she can remember. When one problem is taken care of, she uncovers more secrets that she needs to share. And it is Link of all people that she is drawn to, to share them with. Lily while on the outside looks like a silver spoon princess, she is anything but. The horrors she has had to endure have fundamentally changed her and now she just wants to set right the wrongs of her family. I liked Lily, while a bit gun shy, she is fierce and takes a stand.

Link is a dirty man. He is born and bred MC. He loves his brothers, he enjoys the life he leads but when Lily appears something in him changes. When all of his needs are cast aside to be the one to make sure that Lily is protected while they uncover all of the dirty little secrets, he changes his future for her. He is unapologetic for most of the things that he does but he handles Lily with kid-gloves because he feels something he can't explain.

There are other voices in this book, as there was in the last. I actually like the other POVs. It gives you a full picture of what is going on because not all of the stories have been told yet. You know that the overall story is not complete and there are a lot of players mixed in with the Lancaster business. I also liked the respect that was taken with Lily's situation and there was not the need to rush her into things she was not ready for. I can say that this series has me sold. And lucky for me, I get to move right along with the next books.

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