Sunday, August 23, 2020

Jess's Review ~ Sin by Serena Akeroyd

Sin (A Dark and Dirty Sinners' MC Series, #3)Sin by Serena Akeroyd
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars


Mmmmm - this book was sinful!

This book should definitely be read after the first two because there are things that would not make sense if you haven't. And even having read the first two I had no idea that this was going on in the background.

Tiffany is Lily's best friend and while they run in the same circles they have totally different lives. Tiffany has a life she thought she knew until the world tilts on its access and truths come out that she never expected. But her story starts back ways, to before the Lancaster's, to when she decided to take a trip to the wild-side and met a sinner called Sin.

Tiffany is feisty, smart-mouthed, and is going to make Sin work for it. And work for it he does. There is something about this girl from the other side of town that has Sin all confused inside. He wants to take her on dates and just "be" with her. These two characters can sass with the best of them. Their chemistry is combustible and they form this relationship that is just perfect. Even though it is secret and then there is a time they apart, they are perfect for each other.

There is again a lot of other things going on this story. You find out important pieces of information you didn't get before to fill in all the gaps. I had wished that Tiffany was a bit more confident in what she brings to the table but she is not quite there yet. Sin on the other hand is bound and determined to get back to her by any means necessary so he can show her that she is enough.

Their tragedy brings out more complications for the club and again I am lucky to get to just move onto the next book.

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