Monday, August 3, 2020

Jess's Review ~ Stealing Cinderella by A. Zavarelli

Stealing Cinderella My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars


A sexy, dark and delicious addition to the Sinister Fairy Tale Collection.

This is a twisted version of Cinderella. Where the basics of the story are there this story takes a dark, dark turn. Ella is our Cinderella, much like the fairy tale princess, she is selfless and has this love for animals. She is abused by her step-mother and evil step-sisters to the point it is harsh. She takes the punishment as she feels she deserves it. She does go to a ball and leaves a shoe behind but who she meets is not some Prince Charming.

Prince Thorsten is all dark, very cold and has some serious demons in his closet. His father is pushing him towards a marriage and obligations he is not interested in. He goes to a ball to appease the King but finds something quite unexpected. Much as his name implies he is like the God of Thunder, loud and destructive.

The relationship between Thorsten and Ella is intense and raw. They both are broken, perhaps beyond repair and use their physical relationship to get through their time together. This book had a soul and was well developed. I was swept away in their sadness and struggles. I outwardly cringed and felt deep feelings of hatred for those who harmed others. Certainly, a great addition to this series of books and there was perhaps an opening for the playboy brother to get a story in the future.

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