Monday, August 24, 2020

Release Blitz ~ Loving His Daddies by Skyler Snow

                ★★★ NEW RELEASE ★★★
      Loving His Daddies by Skyler Snow is NOW AVAILABLE! 

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Carsen: I never wanted to go back home. When I left I told myself I didn’t need parents who rejected me. But my mom is sick, really sick and my dad needs my help. I have no choice but to go to Texas and face a past I thought I had pushed down a long time ago. I hope this doesn’t completely tear me apart.

Lukas: Going to Texas is stressful, but I’ll do anything to support Carsen. Even if it means going some place we're not welcome. Trying to keep Carsen together and Reece from moping isn’t easy. But now I’m worried that Carsen is hiding things from me. But he would never lie to me, right?

Reece: Why do we have to leave Arizona? I was perfectly happy being with my Daddies at home. I don't want Carsen exposed to more pain from his past. And I don’t want my Daddies fighting, but that’s just what they’re doing. Am I going to lose them?

Loving His Daddies ends in a HFN and contains a cliffhanger. Look out for Trusting His Daddies coming soon!

Meet Skyler 

Skyler Snow is the author of kinky, steamy MM books. Whether contemporary or paranormal, you'll always find angst, kink and a love that conquers all. 

Skyler started off writing from a young age. When faced with the choice chef or author, author won hands down. They're big into musicals, true crime shows, reality TV madness and good books, whether light and fluffy or dark and twisted. When they're not writing you can find them playing role-playing games and hanging out with their kids


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