Monday, August 31, 2020

Special Announcement ~ Piece of Cake Audiobooks


We are thrilled to introduce Piece of Cake Audiobooks to you!
Founded by #1 New York Times bestselling author Lauren Blakely, Piece of Cake Audiobooks is a publishing and production strategy company focused on creating fantastic experiences for romance listeners. We work with authors to increase their sales and grow their audience by connecting them with amazing narrators, predictive analytics, and an always evolving and carefully curated influencer network.
Our partners benefit from Lauren Blakely’s and the Piece of Cake Audiobooks team’s institutional knowledge of the audio market, including production consultation, management, creating and devising strategy, planning the narration, and helping to implement the marketing for their productions in innovative ways to grow their listenership. We’re a brand that stands out in a crowded marketplace and helps the authors we partner with reach new heights in their audiobook sales and audience growth by working beyond the production and creating more opportunities for our partners across marketing structures.
The production side of Piece of Cake is consulting/strategy and is not competitive with existing audiobook production companies! Piece of Cake works in partnership with existing audiobook production companies, not competitively.
While we work only within the romance genre at this time, agents and authors can submit to Piece of Cake Audiobooks by following the submission guidelines on our website.
We’re serving up the very best audiobooks for romance listeners’ guilt-free reading enjoyment and helping them fall in love one brilliant chapter at a time. Check out what’s on our menu, and grab your favorite slice of audio goodness today!

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