Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Jess's Review ~ Out of Love by Jewel E. Ann

Out of LoveOut of Love by Jewel E. Ann
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


It was love at the first chapter! Or maybe it was the first page? Either way, I loved and devoured this book. I am at a slight disadvantage because for all of JEA books I have read, I have not read the Jack & Jill series, which I will be rectifying in short order. But even though I have not read them, I was able to enjoy and love this book just the same.

This was a bit darker than a lot of what I have read from this author and my black soul loved it. Livy is this free-spirit who for all of her father's efforts has still been able to have relationships with the opposite sex. She loves to surf, doesn't need to study, and has a wild imagination. She is witty and fun and knows what she wants out of life. So when, don't-talk-to-me, Slade enters into her class and sits at her tree, Livy sees this as a challenge she excepts. The getting Slade to more than a grunt or threaten to call the police is a feat in and of itself but Livy just can't give up on a good challenge and it made this book wildly entertaining.

Slade is a man of few words, lives in the haunted firehouse, doesn't have any friends but for his dog, and doesn't care what people think of him. He has zero interest in Livy, well at least at first, but persistence and a few threats might just change his mind.

This story certainly took a turn, I didn't see coming, which added to the excitement of the story. Slade and his unwavering patience, Livy and her inability to accept anything other than what she thinks is the truth, mix in a loyal dog, overbearing dad, and some messed up history and this became one of my favorite reads this year. There were times I laughed, swooned, held my breath, contemplated information, talked out loud with the characters, and perhaps wanted to cry. Yup, I loved it.

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