Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Blog Tour ~ #REVIEW ~ Pledge of Allegiance by Timarie

Today we have the blog tour for Timarie’s new romantic thriller, PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE! Check it out and be sure to order your copy today!

Title: Pledge of Allegiance

Author: Timarie

Genre: Romantic Suspense

About Pledge of Allegiance:

April 15, 2013, Patriots Day. The city of Boston, and all of the nation, was rocked by a terrorist attack at the historical Boston Marathon finish line. Countless people are affected by this tragedy, including Michael Farino and Ireland “Ilee” Murphy. Neither one of them could have predicted that the act of saving Ilee’s life would lead Michael on a journey of personal discovery, while a decades old war between their rival Boston crime families threatens their happiness and their lives. Michael and Ilee will have to pledge their allegiances to either their families or each other, but it is not that simple. Passion, secrets, betrayal and a very complicated past are working against Michael and Ilee. Nothing is ever as it seems… Nothing!   The finish line is just their beginning….  

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 This was my very first book from this author and I'm already dying for more! We meet our characters in the backdrop of the Boston marathon bombings. But Ilee and Michael clearly steal the story. Ilee is a fiercely independent heroine and I completely loved her. Michael is the son of a crime family but boy is there so much more to him. He's romantic and kind and wanting to be his own person. Their chemistry is automatic but takes a little to get going. When it does, it's an explosion (possession the pun since the story starts with a literal explosion) of absolute greatness. The story kept me page turning until the very end and so well written. It was a roller coaster of excitement and drama and left me shocked and wanting more. 

About Timarie:

Timarie was born and raised in East Boston, Massachusetts. To this very day, Timarie still only live a few miles outside of downtown Boston. Since her early teens, Timarie has been a singer/song writer. After university, she continued to work in music, while simultaneously developing her business acumen in the private sector. It wasn’t until shortly after the terrorist attacks at the Boston Marathon finish line, that Timarie’s creative vision for this literary series came into focus. Timarie continues to work in music, as well as being an active writer. In addition to the books in The Finish Line Series, Timarie has also authored three other books awaiting publication at the time of this printing. It is her hope to show the world that Boston is not just the birthplace of America, but also one of the most diverse, intriguing and culturally rich places in the country. As she always says, “Boston is always a supporting character in all of my books.” Nothing is more important to Timarie than her family and friends, which includes her beloved Maine Coon, Princess. Timarie is also a fierce advocate for racial, gender and LGBTQ+ equality. She promotes independent thinking and social positivity.  

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