Saturday, October 17, 2020

Release Blitz ~ #REVIEW ~ Colton by Marie James


Colton by Marie James

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Series: Cerberus MC; Book 14
Genre: Romantic Suspense

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Detective Colton Matthews has experienced a lot in the last ten years.



Single-dad life.

His work life is as full of surprises as his home life. 

But nothing prepared him for her.

Saying yes to the favor asked of the Cerberus MC was a no brainer.

He's a good guy helping other good guys.

How hard would it be to allow, Sophia, Dominic Anderson's daughter, to shadow him for a few months to complete a college credit and keep things professional?

The short answer...


Especially when his job puts her in danger.
Is it possible to be speechless and yet have so many things you want to say? Because that is exactly how I'm feeling after finishing Colton. From start to finish I was completely addicted to this story and finished it in a day because it was just that good. There were so many unexpected twists in the story. And I just loved the two main characters. Of course in true Marie James fashion I happen to have loved the secondary characters that I've either read their stories before or get to look forward to their stories and future now. I especially feel like I need Rick, Landon, Drew, and Izzy's story as soon as possible. That was one heck of an ending and now I have all kinds of crazy ideas running through my head. And I feel like I have way way too long to wait until the next book will be here. But then again isn't that the mark of a truly fantastic author. This series has been going on for quite a while. Even with this being the second generation it still feels like I'm getting a new and unique story every single time and that has to be appreciated. And like with every story before this I have gotten to fall in love with new characters as I get to know them better or reminisce about how much I loved previous characters. And definitely look forward to future books. This is an absolute must read.

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