Sunday, November 22, 2020

Shy's Review ~ Come What May by L.K. Farlow

Come What MayCome What May by L.K. Farlow

This was such a great age gap, single dad romance. I found myself laughing and smiling throughout much of the book. And it was just such a relaxing and sweet read.

Mateo and Seraphine were both very likable characters. I felt like I was rooting for them the whole way. From the sad beginning to the very happy end.

Mateo had some great shining knight moments and I loved his whole family. His daughter was very mature about everything, especially for a sixteen year old. I felt for Seraphine at her loss in the beginning but loved watching her heal and move forward with Mateo at her side.

I loved that this made for a good standalone but having read many other LK Farlow books I got the added pleasure of reading about old favorite couples from past books. I highly recommend this one.

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