Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Shy's Review ~ Rule: The Finale by L.A. Cotton

Rule: The Finale (Black Hearts Still Beat Book 3)Rule: The Finale by L.A. Cotton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Rule is book three in the Black Hearts Still Beat series and the finale to the Eva and Rafe trilogy. I loved this story is so much. From the very beginning it tugs on the heartstrings and at the same time had me so happy, excited, and nervous for these two. And that was just in the opening. As things progressed so did the tension between the band and issues with fans and betrayal on their team. It all just came one after another and had me flipping through the Kindle pages in a rush to see what was coming next.

I was so happy that Rafe made the choice he did. And while I personally didn't love how much crap Eva was given for her initial choice at the end of book two, it wasn't exactly a book ruiner. I just didn't feel she had the support she needed to feel comfortable making a different choice and no one ever pointed that out. Either way, after every thing was said and done I truly enjoyed this story. It was the kind that once you start you should be prepared to lose your whole day to it. Because you're not going to want to stop until the last word has been read.

But then of course I learned about Levi's book. And while I have thoughts and ideas of what may come or what I want to happen, I am just excited to get my hands on it. So far this has been a must read series and I hope to see not only Levi, but also Damon and Hudson get their own books too.

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