Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Diane's Review ~ Mine to Save by Kennedy L. Mitchell

Mine to SaveMine to Save by Kennedy L. Mitchell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dark, romantic, suspenseful….

I love this author’s stories. Hands down, she is one of those reading finds I am forever thankful for stumbling upon. Each title offers something uniquely different but the riveting writing style and complex characters are guaranteed…

This one… Well, I want to say WOW because I’m hard pressed to find the right words. From the opening chapter I knew it was going to be deep and powerful, and I can’t forget disturbing as well. With a serial killer at work, it was never going to be a bright walk in the park. I knew that. And it definitely wasn’t. Read those trigger warnings for sure… As if that wasn’t good enough (and it was!) there was Ellie and Chandler. A gutsy woman who worked hard to make her own way after suffering so much. She could have been bitter and selfish but no. Instead, she kept her head high, fought for respect and a chance to make a difference. Chandler, well, he found her fascinating and the feeling was mutual. Alpha male met spunky heroine and it was dynamite!

Despite the emotional baggage they both brought to the hunt, the desire was uber-hot and burned higher than everything they had to handle. There was chemistry and empathy and so much heart. They had a mission beyond themselves so they fought hard and loved harder, which made for a mind-blowing read!

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