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New Release ~ LUXURE / KADEDUS: The Cardinal Brotherhood Books 1&2 by E.L. Haining

 The Cardinal Brotherhood has been dormant for a thousand years—the seven deadly sins in physical form. Once the strongest demons in the Underworld, their power was weakened when Lucifer ordered the death of Luxure and his mate.

Estranged from The Cardinal Brotherhood, Lux has been roaming the Earth for a thousand years, biding his time until he can avenge the murder of his mate. Once upon a time, he was Lucifer's second-in-command, and the most revered warrior of the Underworld. Presumed dead, he's been lying in wait, readying himself for revenge.

Lux is the deadliest of sins, but you know him as LUST.

The day Sirena Sovende crosses his path, her carefully constructed world begins to crumble, uncovering earth-shattering revelations that could threaten not only her life, but the very foundation of mankind.

As the reality of her existence unfolds, Lux begins to question everything he's ever known, and makes the decision to reunite The Cardinal Brotherhood.


Kadedus's very existence is based on reading people, finding the one thing they want more than anything and exploiting it. You know him as ENVY.

With word that Lux is alive spreading throughout the realms, Kade must decide where his loyalties lie. When forced to trust Selma, Lux's best friend, she surprises him at every turn, making his decision that much harder. Will he sell his brother out to ensure his own survival, destroying his own happiness in the process? Or will he finally learn to control his primal nature and stand with The Cardinal Brotherhood?

The Cardinal Brotherhood is a paranormal powerhouse series, and an incredible journey of humanity, spirituality, and romance. This box set includes books 1 and 2 of the series.

*These books are part of an ongoing series. Book 3, Gier, will release later in 2021, and is available for preorder.

One thousand years ago

“The Vollstrecker are coming. I can feel them. We need to get out of here, Luxure.”

I pull her into the shadows freezing time and space around us. The quiver in her voice is causing a physical pain in my chest. “What’s wrong, Abiteth? Talk to me, my love. Why are you so afraid?”

She wraps her small, cold hands around my cheeks pulling me down to meet her lips and enrapturing me in a mind-altering kiss. I get so lost in the feel of her—her taste and smell. I completely lose myself, and with it, my grip on time. Everything starts moving, and I can hear the Vollstrecker closing in.

“I love you, Luxure.” I can see the fear in her eyes as her body begins to shake in my arms.

“Abi, what’s going on? You’re scaring me.”

“It’s Lucifer. He’s angry with me. He thinks I betrayed him.”

“What did you do?”

“Nothing. I swear.”

I search her eyes, looking for any indication that she’s lying to me, but all I see is love, honesty, and fear. I grab her hand and run. She’s not a warrior—her body wasn’t built for it—she is all soft curves and delicate features. If we stay and fight, there is no way I’ll be able to save her from the enforcers who are hot on our heels.

The Vollstrecker are Lucifer’s army. They ensure his rules are followed to the letter, and if not, they enforce justice. There is no gray in their world. The guidelines are black and white, and if you deviate in any way, then they will see to it that you never disobey him again. They ensure you don’t survive long enough to try.

“Do you trust me, Abi?” I know what I need to do. We have to transpose—move through the planes of existence in the blink on an eye. Transposition is risky with another being, but it’s the quickest way to get us out of here.

“With my life.”

“Then close your eyes, hold on tight, and I’ll take you to Uitare.”

She stops dead in her tracks. “I can’t survive there. You know that.”

“I don’t have time to argue with you or explain right now. Take my hand. I’ll keep you safe. I promise.” Her hesitation was all they needed. I can see at least fifteen of them closing in on us, and I act on instinct grabbing her around the waist, my fingers digging into her hips to make sure I don’t lose contact with her. I close my eyes, calming myself, ready to use every ounce of power I have to get her out of here. I only need ten seconds, and we’ll be gone. They won’t be able to reach or track us. My body begins to vibrate, the force of will needed to transpose planes with another person is taking its toll.

I block out everything around us focusing only on Abi. 

Four… three… almost there… two…


She’s ripped from my arms as I begin to transition.

“No! Abiteth!” Her screams ring in my ears as I watch them drag her away, my name on her lips as she struggles in their hold. And then she’s gone. I’m gone.

I find myself in Uitare—alone. There is no sound in this plane. The silence is deafening. I scream and curse, but nothing comes out. I need to get back to her. I need to save my mate.

I quickly transition back to the Underworld freezing everything around me. The vultures are suspended in mid-air, and the flames surrounding me cease their incessant flickering. I’m frantic as I search for Abiteth and any trace of the Vollstrecker. They have vanished into the depths of Hell, and I have no option but to go directly to the source. I need to find Lucifer.

I manipulate the space around me transposing from place to place until I find him.


He would know my voice anywhere. He’s my best friend, and I am his second-in- command.

He turns with fluid ease, a sly grin pulling at the corners of his lips. “Luxure, my friend. To what do I owe this honor?”

“Where is Abiteth? Your overgrown apes tore her from my arms just moments ago, and I can find no trace of her in the realms. What is going on?”

Shaking his head, he slowly makes his way over to me troubled by this turn of events. He snakes his arm around my shoulder, and a cold dread spreads throughout my body.

“I’m so sorry, old friend. I know she was important to you. But…”

I shrug his arm off my shoulder turning to face him head on. “WAS? Where is she?”

“She betrayed me, brother. She betrayed us all. You know the penalty for that. I wish it could be different, but I can’t make exceptions. It would set a bad example.”

I don’t believe him. He wouldn’t. He couldn’t kill my mate not without consulting me. I’m his right hand, his friend, his brother.

His twisted, evil grin returns. “I told them to be quick. She didn’t feel much pain.” I lunge at him, rage consuming my every conscious thought, but he’s too fast. “Don’t do something you’ll regret, Luxure. I don’t want to have to send them after you next.”

“How could you do this to me? She was everything to me.” I catch him off guard, my fist connecting with his cheekbone shattering it with one punch. He’s up and on me in seconds pinning me to the ground.

“Do not cross me, Luxure. Remember your place. She was everything to you?” He leans down, his lips brushing my ear as he speaks. “I’m everything to you and don’t forget it. She had to go. She made you weak. I need you focused and strong and doing as I say.”

I flip him off my body, leaping into the air, and crashing back down on his chest. “My loyalty to you died with Abiteth.”

“Then you can join her, you stupid lovesick puppy.” He turns his gaze to the assembling army. “Get him! And don’t make it quick. I want him to suffer.”

The Vollstrecker descend on me in droves, Lucifer disappearing from beneath me. I take off at a sprint fighting everyone who gets in my way. It’s do or die, and if I don’t get away now, I’m done for. I’m not going to let that happen. I won’t give him the satisfaction. I use every advantage I have to put some distance between the army hot on my trail and me. I’m faster, my body less cumbersome, lither, but just as strong. I push myself to the limit glancing briefly over my shoulder to gauge how long it will take for them to catch up with me. If I’m wrong by even a second, they’ll use it to end my existence.

I come to an abrupt halt turning to face them—my arms outstretched in a show of surrender. It throws them off slowing them down just enough for me to concentrate. All I can see when I close my eyes is Abi—her face when she was pulled from my embrace. The pain is overwhelming, but I have to shut it out. I have to stop the onslaught of grief that threatens to take over if I’m going to get out of this alive. 

They’re getting closer, more enforcers joining the chase with every passing moment. I ignore them, letting the familiar vibrations take over, breaking apart the pieces that form my physical body. I can sense how close they are, their bloodlust evident in the stench that emanates from every one of them. I keep my eyes closed and my breathing controlled hoping beyond hope that this works. Their screams and hollers become louder, and the moment I feel the cool metal of a blade slice into my abdomen, it’s gone. They’re gone.

I made it.

Uitare is deserted but for a handful of Masuulka—the guardians of this plane. I drop to the ground exhausted and wounded. I’ve never transposed across planes so much in such a short space of time before, and my body is protesting as every muscle throbs in agony. I can’t self-heal quickly here, but I can’t go back to the Underworld, and if I go to Earth, they’ll find me. My only option is to stay here and wait. Wait to heal and wait for them to stop looking. 

I crawl across the rough terrain causing further wounds, but I don’t have the strength to hold my body upright. I eventually find a small cave to shelter me for the night. As I lay my head down to rest, it hits me like a lightning bolt—she’s gone—my Abiteth, the love of my life, the reason for my existence. He killed her. In the absolute silence, I fall apart, sobs wracking my body as I mourn the loss of my mate, my silent roars of grief lost in the void of the space between. When I become too weak to sustain the violent spasms of grief that rack my body, I slowly shut down allowing the healing process to begin. As I lose consciousness, there is only one thought going through my mind.

I will avenge my mate. I will bide my time, and I will kill Lucifer if it’s the last thing I do. He won’t even see it coming…

Who am I?

I am Luxure, but everyone calls me Lux. 

However, you know me as… LUST.

I am the deadliest of sins.



Author Bio

I'm happiest when wandering through the uncharted territory of my imagination. You'll find me curled up with my laptop, browsing the books at the local library, or enjoying the smell of a new book, taking great delight in cracking the spine and writing in the margins!

Eva is a native Scot but lives in Texas with her husband, two kids, and a whizzy little fur baby with the most ridiculous ears. She first fell in love with British literature while majoring in Linguistics, 17th Century Poetry, and Shakespeare at University. She is an avid reader and lifelong notebook hoarder. In 2014, she finally put her extensive collection to good use and started writing her first novel. Now writing in three sub-genres of romance, Eva is currently working on some exciting new projects for 2021.

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