Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Release Blast ~ #REVIEW ~ Repeat Offender by Lani Lynn Vale

Repeat Offender

Souls Chapel Revenants MC Book 1

Lani Lynn Vale

Release Date: January 12, 2021


About the Book

Lynnwood Thatcher Windsor has lived a lot of lies. Seen a lot of good men go down.


But he will not stand by and watch as the world he’s built from the ground up burns to ashes before his eyes. Even if he has to build an army to combat the problem he sees brewing around him.


One step at a time, he carefully lays out his plan, building layer after careful layer until everything is where he wants it to be.


Every part is impeccably played, his pawns are in the perfect place, and then she barrels into his life, totally scattering every single piece he’s set in motion.


The bad thing is, she doesn’t even realize how badly she’s messed up until she’s roused the beast.




The day that Six Ines Broussard met Lynnwood Thatcher Windsor was the worst day of her life.


First, she has a public breakup with a man she’s not even dating. Second, she has to deal with a black-tie event that she’d rather gouge her eyes out than to go to. Third, she then has to sit at a table for hours on end with the one man she despises.


Just wanting a break, she thinks she’ll lose herself for a few hours and do what she loves to do best—spend time by herself and go for a walk in the middle of nowhere, spot some birds, and get a little sun. Only, her day doesn’t go nearly as planned.


She walks right into the middle of hell. And at the center of it? Lynnwood Thatcher. The mayor. The man that she took one glance at on the night of his inauguration and dismissed as boring. A total stick in the mud.


Only, he’s not so boring shirtless, in the middle of nowhere, doing things that are very illegal.


At first, she’s appalled. Then her interest gets piqued. Stuck-up suit is hot! And he has tattoos. Oh, and let’s not forget one hell of a mouth on him!


Then he goes and kidnaps her, and she realizes that nobody is quite as hot as you thought they were when they’re now holding you hostage.


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Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2FDl5ix
Amazon Intl.: https://geni.us/yqDrnSX

Apple: https://apple.co/32E6Z9l
Nook: https://bit.ly/2H9wjfh
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Lynn’s story is here!

A new series by a favourite author meant this story was high on the TBR and it was so freakin’ good! Six was one of the quirkiest (and loveable) characters yet and Lynn was her stoic counterpart as they laughed and loved through their page-tearing courtship…

And it was a romance – pseudo-kidnapping aside of course. Full of longing glances, stomach butterflies and oh, the steam!

Six was weird. Or that’s what people – including her family – said. I really didn’t like that label but loved how Six just did her own thing. Nothing bad, nothing wrong and nothing weird at all about taking the lumps life gave you and making the most to live around them. If her heart wouldn’t let her father go completely, no matter what happened, she deserved Lynn as her champion. Yeah, he would treat her heart much better and, at the same time, stole mine…

I was so darn happy to finally get Lynn’s story and, timeline and age liberties aside, he was all I had hoped for. Strong, smart and walking on that tightrope of honesty and the other side (in search of justice of course!) meant he was someone you wanted in your corner. And your bed…

This read was sweltering hot with all the feels as these two cornered the market on relationship goals… Great read!


About Lani Lynn Vale

Lani Lynn Vale is a Wall Street Journal & USA Today Bestselling Author of over thirty titles. She is married with three children, two dogs, two cats, a donkey, and a couple (a couple also meaning over twenty) chickens.


When she’s not writing, you can find her curled up in her favorite chair reading.

Lani is married with three children and lives in the Great State of Texas.

Website: http://www.lanilynnvale.com/

Facebook: https://bit.ly/LLV-fb

Instagram: https://bit.ly/LLV-IG

Twitter: https://bit.ly/LLV-twitter

Goodreads: http://bit.ly/LLVgoodreads

BookBub: http://bit.ly/LLVbb

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