Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Diane's Review ~ Hold the Forevers by K.A. Linde

Hold the ForeversHold the Forevers by K.A. Linde
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A circular, angsty romance…

I usually run quickly from any hint of a romantic love triangle but KA Linde talks me into anything and everything. This time was no exception. I knew it would be a well-written read with memorable characters and this was definitely that. What I didn’t expect was to get so invested on who would be standing at the altar.

Winding its way from present to the past, and a meandering way back again, there was time to find how and why this trio found themselves at odds. Expectations of others. Their own wants and dreams. Deeply personal issues and struggles. The characters had their hearts all in and soon, so did I, as I felt each knock about and painful decision made. With supporting characters that helped to lighten (and darken) the story, this really was an up and down journey…

The author kept me guessing right to the end, even if I had my own hopes for how it would play out. A spectacular, drama-filled climax meant a choice had to be made and (woo howdy!) was it ever. Did I love the ending? I did. Though (I have to admit) my heart and head still wrestled with a story that was a love triangle (no matter how much I enjoyed it lol). But I know myself. If this author wrote another in this trope, I would be first in line…

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