Monday, March 8, 2021

Shy's Review ~ Tequila Rose by Willow Winters

Tequila RoseTequila Rose by Willow Winters
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So I'm struggling with my review for this one. I found the storyline itself to be really interesting. I'm a big fan of surprise or secret baby romance. So I definitely liked that aspect of the story. And I could even understand with everything that happens why there was the secrecy on one side. But as the story went on and I learned more about all of the different characters, that's the part that ended up not sitting right with me.

I know it's okay to not love characters or really like them very much. And I always hope anyway that there will be characters that I love. And to be honest I loved Brody. And even Renee and Griffin the best friends are really likable characters. But I really didn't like Robert even if he was sometimes cast in a positive light. There are just certain things that I feel like he didn't do right by Magnolia enough for me to like him. And then there was Magnolia herself. I really wanted to like her. And there were moments when I almost felt like I was starting to get there. And if I'm completely honest I won't say that she's a bad character. I don't dislike her. I just don't really like her. And that unfortunately affects my overall enjoyment of a story sometimes. The plot can be good, the flow can be good, and there can be a handful of other good things that I can pick out that make me feel like "okay overall this was a good story". But what kept it from being a great story for me was that I don't know that I like the leading lady. There were just too many things that I felt like she could have and should have handled differently. And I know that not everyone is always going to handle things the way that you might. And of course I realize this is a fictional story. But she came across as a little weak to me. I love the strength that she showed as a single mom. And I definitely felt for her with all the things that she went through when she had to leave college. But at the same time I think that there were certain things that she could have and should have asked of certain people in her life. And I think that there are other things that she should have shown a bit more backbone about.

But after all is said and done, I don't know that my feelings for Magnolia would stop me from reading the second book. I still kind of want to know what is going to happen with all of this.

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