Monday, April 26, 2021

Shy's Review ~ Autumn Night Whiskey by Willow Winters

Autumn Night Whiskey (Tequila Rose, #2)Autumn Night Whiskey by Willow Winters
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

-Shy, ☆☆☆

I feel the need to start this review by saying that by the end of Autumn Night Whiskey I thought it was a pretty good read. The story was relatively short in comparison to many other stories I’ve read. But it also felt very drawn out in a way. The love triangle aspect of the story wasn’t necessarily a turn off for me, because I’ve read stories in which it was done so well that it almost didn’t matter to me at all in this fictional world. The emotions and the reasons behind the “cheating” I could understand even if I would make different choices in my own life. But this one wasn’t handled quite as well in my opinion. And while I think it may not have been cheating in everyone’s opinion, my biggest struggle was with not connecting with the whys. I really felt a lack of empathy or connection with Magnolia. And I think she was fortunate the men in her life were so understanding. I understood and didn’t at all have an issue with the way she ended up in her initial situation with having Bridget and the questions around paternity. But it was pretty much her actions after Brody came to town that I struggle with and ultimately had me not really caring for her as a character. I didn’t really feel her method of “goodbye” to the man she didn’t choose was not necessary to go that far, and I didn’t really get why the guy she chose wasn’t upset when he found out. I kind of felt she should have taken a step back from the physical aspects of things when she wasn’t sure what she was going to do. But in the end, the story was wrapped up nicely and I realized that at least it held my attention from start to finish. Even if the leading lady wasn’t someone I was able to root for in the end.

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