Sunday, April 11, 2021

Shy's Review ~ Replay by Amy Daws

ReplayReplay by Amy Daws
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This time Amy Daws is bringing us an excellent second chance romance set in her Harris Family’s world. But as usual she’s giving everything I’ve come to love in her books. Lots of laughs, lots of heat, and lots of love.

Both main characters, Santino and Tilly have a lot of baggage in their pasts, some of it entwined with each other. During their first go around neither was looking for anything serious and then an unexpected event caused them to got their separate ways and not on the best of terms. When they meet again they have both changed and I really loved their journey to not only see the changes in each other, but to explore their relationship in a way they never had before. Even if it started off in secret due to Tilly’s brother not being Santino’s biggest fan.

I also love the way Amy Daws writes about real things that happen to people in her sports family world, and makes it all so relatable, emotional, and real. Even when there are truly serious, bring tears to my eyes kind of moments, it’s written and blended in such a way with the lighter moments to make the whole thing just such a pleasure to read.

Another thing that I appreciate about her work that she certainly didn’t disappoint on this one was that she writes a book I can not only read, but then want to grab the audio as soon as it’s available to experience it all over again in a different way. And the Harris Family series especially is one that I will be reading again and again in years to come.

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