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Nickea's Review of Becoming His Master by M.Q. Barber

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Becoming His Master is the prequel story to the Neighborly Affection series. This is the story of how Jay and Henry met.

'Henry recognizes the dangers of a relationship built on hero worship.'

Henry Webb takes on damaged and somewhat traumatized sub, Jay Kress. The latest victim of Calvin Gardner's sadistic pleasures. A new sub who is full of energy, eager to please and desperate to find a master. Even though his experiences with previous Masters have all been disappointing and unsatisfying, they each lead him to the latest encounter which left him broken and bleeding. After being saved by Henry himself, Jay is determined to submit to him.

Henry is given the task to show Jay that being a submissive can be fulfilling and safe without resulting to extreme measures to please his master. When his friend and owner of the club asks him to take on Jay as a sub, Henry is apprehensive. He doesn't want to remind Jay of the ordeal he went through but at the same time is passionate about keeping him safe and teaching him the proper ways about getting his true desires met. Henry has no respect for men or women who ignore the use of a safe word. Which only makes Henry more determined to get through to Jay. The attraction between the two is instant and Henry has a hard time not blurring the lines, but being the ever consummate professional, gets the original task done. It's not easy though because Jay refuses to think of his needs first and has almost no limits or boundaries. He is rather more worried with being what he thinks his master wants, Henry becomes frustrated and increasingly worried. Henry had a tough task before him. He needed to constantly reinforce safe and consensual play with the new sub. Jay needed to be taught that he had the right to refuse play and that he should respect the gift he had to offer. First Henry felt he needed to be on equal footing with Jay in order to successfully show him the joys of true submission.

Step 1. 'Questioning and negotiations before submission and play. Retraining without room for misunderstanding. Instill caution and confidence.'

I like the kind of Dom that Henry is. He's experienced, confident and intelligent. Caring and strong. He gets his point across without being demeaning or cruel. Henry is possessive, protective and passionate with Jay. He truly cares for the sub and his safety. Not only does he put Jay's needs above his own but he cared enough to show/guide Jay into proper submission. Making sure that Jay will be safe and appreciated with other Masters in the future. Henry never wanted to take advantage of the fragile state that Jay is in or get to personally involved in his life. Mostly because he was afraid of his strong desires for Jay. He felt for both their sanity's, he had to keep his attraction for the boy away from the lessons. It was frustrating watching Henry deny himself and Jay. I understood his reasoning but I really wanted him to live a little. Jay showed his desire for Henry and gave him consent at almost every turn. But Henry is to honorable to cross those lines

Step 2. Help Jay redirect his energy towards discovering his own sources of satisfaction

During the two month journey that Henry takes them through, self discovery for both parties is present. It both scares and enlightens them to there true desires. Finding everything they want and need in each other. Finding a Master for the care, the approval and the protection. And being a submissive who will be cherished for wanting to wholeheartedly serve his Master.

Step 3. Let Jay into his home and heart. 'His home served as his private sanctuary and his studio.' Not even his close friends, Victor and Emma or Will have ever stepped foot into his home.

'Jay jumped to obey. As eager as if he'd been born for it. For me.' It was nice to see Henry finally heed his own advice and wisdom about Dom/Sub relationships. And notice the gift that Jay was giving him. Nobody was better suited for Jay then Henry and vise versa. Jay was made for him, and once he stopped fighting it, finally stopped trying to release Jay to other Dominants and claimed Jay for himself, their relationship blossomed and there HEA finally fell into place.

Step 4. Become His Master.

'Having someone to look after fulfilled him in a way a short term liaison did not.' It was a commitment that interrupted his routine. Took much effort but was well worth the time and energy. Jay is beautiful in his submission. It's all consuming for him. Every attention or touch from Henry is like coming home for the sub. He's loyal, focused, enthusiastic and wanton. These qualities capture Henry unlike any other. They soften him, open him up and change him for the better. Allowing him to see his love and pride for his sub. As long as Henry continues to cherish, protect and lead him, Jay is more than happy to continue worming his way into his Masters heart.

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