Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Erin's Review ~ Inevitable Love by J.C. Santo

Inevitable Love (Navy Love Series, #1)Inevitable Love by J.C. Santo
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Inevitable Love is one of those books that surprises you. You go into it not really sure what to expect and the more you read, the more you fall in love. You fall for the main characters, the storyline, the writing style, even the side characters...everything.
Tessa Daniels and Hunter Stevenson are so refreshing! Tessa is a carefree, independent woman. She has no interest in a relationship, instead, she chooses to focus on her friends, having a good time, and her Naval career. All it takes is one man, one specific man, to turn her world upside down.
Hunter Stevenson is a sweet, loving, tender, and responsible man. I don't think there are enough positive adjectives to describe how amazing this man is. Can you tell I've already claimed this one!?!? Anyways...he and his daughter, Sawyer, move to be closer to family. Being the twin brother of Tessa's best friend, Marshall, puts these two directly in each other's paths.
I loved how well developed and ever-evolving these characters were. They were relatable and so very lovable. I truly felt as though they could be my friends. I don't know what that says about me and my sense of reality but I do think it speaks to the authors ability to create deep and meaningful characters.
Not only did I love Tessa, Hunter, Marshall, Sawyer, and the rest of the crew, but I loved their interactions and relationships with each other. Tessa and Hunter's chemistry was off the charts!! These two couldn't get enough of each other. They were so sweet and passionate.
This book does not come across as a debut novel. JC Santo's writing style is fluid and natural. Her bold and dynamic prose cause you to get lost in the pages. And if that's not enough, Santo weaves humor, drama, and some serious heat into the story in such a way that holds the reader completely enraptured.
I can't wait for the next book in the series! Something tells me Reed and Tegan are going to give these two a run for their money!!

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