Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Erin's Review ~ Freed by Him by G.L. Chapple

Freed by Him (Fighting Free, #1)Freed by Him by G.L. Chapple
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


GL Chapple's debut novel, Freed By Him, was intriguing and engaging.

The fluid and multidimensional storyline grabs your attention and the connection you form with her characters holds you there.

A traumatic event in college causes Lena to rethink her plans. She leaves school and over time works her way up through her family's shipping business. Lena has promised herself that she will never be a victim again. She works hard to prove that she is a tough and capable woman, both with her career and outside of it.

She is strong, brave, stubborn, vulnerable, and jaded. Her past has greatly effected who she is and how she interacts with others. Lena is closed up and very cautious when it comes to men. I really enjoyed watching Nate force his way behind the high and heavy walls she has created.
Nate Masters is ex-military turned police officer. He's dealt with loss and been burned by those who were supposed to love him. Now he just dedicates himself to his job and having a good time with his friends.
He is easy going, confident, protective, and like Lena, he can be pretty stubborn and has a vulnerable side too. Nate had no interest in settling down with anyone but when he gets to know Lena, he doesn't have any interest in anyone else.

I enjoyed watching as these characters changed throughout the story, both individually and as a couple. Their chemistry was palpable and it was super sexy! Both Lena and Nate had cracks caused by people in their pasts, but they were finding that those cracks didn't define them and that together they just might heal.

Chapple also wove a bit of a mystery into the story. It created a sense of suspense and added additional conflict that further drove the story and completely sucked me in. I need to know what is going to happen next!! I'm eager to read the conclusion of Lena and Nate's story.

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