Saturday, July 30, 2016

Virtual Book Tour ~ Hello Again by Stan Schatt

Paranormal Mystery
Date Published: May 22, 2016

Hello Again is a psychological mystery, a roller coaster of emotions that incorporates elements of the paranormal and the techno-thriller. Bill Eisner meets the most beautiful woman he has ever seen; waiters stop in mid-sentence when Amber Love passes them. Is Bill’s bond with her so close that it extends beyond life? What can he do when he begins to receive text messages from her after her death? A detective who believes only in science and a reporter with psychic abilities that frighten him team up to try to unravel the mystery before a shadowy figure claims another victim.


Then suddenly the air around him changed; in fact his entire universe changed. He smelled something wonderful and intoxicating. His nose sent a message directly to his brain to remind it of the times he had wandered through April fields overflowing with flowers in full bloom. He opened his eyes and felt faint. Seated in front of him was an apparition, clearly the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life. She wore a tight red dress that revealed plenty of cleavage. He tried not to stare. He forced his eyes to her face.
Her high cheekbones and flawless skin made the gray eyes that studied him seem almost too large, but they also had a hypnotic quality that made it difficult for Bill to look away. Her full lips rose in a smile that seemed to suggest that they both knew this entire dating event was a farce to endure, but not anything to take too seriously. Her skin, pale enough to seem almost translucent, contrasted sharply with the coal-black hair that fell well down her shoulders. Bill felt his heart beating so fast he feared he would faint. Would he even be able to speak?
The woman held out her hand and spoke in a low husky voice.  “I’m Amber Love.”


I loved this. Such a different kind of story. Enjoyed the flow of the story, how you weren't sure what was going to happen. You might think you do, but the more you read, the more you change your mind. 

Bill's best friend thinks he spends way to much time with his coffee shop, so makes him go to a speed dating thing. Little did he know that one chance encounter would change his life. I mean how cool would it be to be with someone who writes for a paranormal column? Although, Amber doesn't want to talk about her life or herself much at all. She tells him her story, they get along well enough. Then tragedy strikes, and Bill finds out that he didn't know her at all. She made up a whole life. I can't say too much about what happens after that without giving away key points to the story. So I guess you will just have to read it. It was great, I enjoyed it. If you like a story with some twist and turns this is it.


Stan Schatt, author of forty books, is a futurist, a technologist, a novelist, and a person curious about many things. His novels range from paranormal mysteries that include the Frankie and Josh series to science fiction and young adult mysteries. His non-fiction books include studies of writers Kurt Vonnegut, Michael Connelly, and Daniel Silva. 

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