Monday, January 16, 2017

Erin's Review ~ Lucian Divine by Renee Carlino

Lucian DivineLucian Divine by Renee Carlino
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


It's been some time since a book has impacted me so deeply or took me by surprise the way this one did. The blurb really caught my eye, a drunk guardian angel? I was both intrigued and amused. As soon as I began reading, I was completely captivated.
Carlino's beautifully written and unique story was so much more than I anticipated. I expected to read about the comedic adventures of these characters with some sexy stuff thrown in, an overall enjoyable read. What I didn't expect was flawed and incredibly rich characters who came to life on the page, or the intense emotional toll their story had on me. I was wrecked. Carlino was able to create something more than just words on a page; this was a book I felt, I experienced. I found myself getting lost within the story and, for the first time in quite awhile, I struggled to move on when it was over.

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