Monday, January 16, 2017

Erin's Review ~ Vicious by L.J. Shen

Vicious (Sinners of Saint, #1)Vicious by L.J. Shen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Destructive. Cruel. Vicious.
I didn't know if I could come to love a character as detached and indifferent, hard and cold as Vicious. I should have known better though, this is LJ Shen we are talking about. She has a way of creating these characters that we both love and hate. These characters that turn out to be so much more than what we initially thought they'd be. Vicious was a deeply flawed person but with Emilia, we see a spark of something more; a man he didn't even know existed. But was it enough?
Shen somehow manages to give us these very different and unique stories that are all very much her. These beautifully broken characters take center stage amidst a well crafted story and bold prose. I can't get enough of this woman and her writing and I'm eager to read about the rest of HotHoles.

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