Monday, January 16, 2017

Lynzi's Review ~ One Careful Owner: Love Me, Love My Dog by Jane Harvey-Berrick

One Careful Owner: Love Me, Love My DogOne Careful Owner: Love Me, Love My Dog by Jane Harvey-Berrick
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a book in a league of its own.

Dawn is a vet in a small town. She is a single mother who struggles ever day. Seeing the father of her child disappoint her so much, breaks her heart more days than not. Her and her daughter are basically alone. Her and her sister are no longer on talking terms, and her parents moved out of state. So being alone in the world of a small gossiping town is hard. Until she meets the new guy in town. Nope, that's wrong, the new guy in town doesn't make things easier by a long shot, but he may make things interesting and worth it.

Alex bought a cabin in the woods on 8 acres, in a small town, to get a fresh new start, and for some peace and quiet. Having had a rough time recently, he needs the change. When people see him, they see a weirdo with long hair and a big beard, and ragged clothes, but they aren't interesting in getting to know the man underneath. Nor does he want them too. Having lost his trust in woman and people in general, his dog, Stan, is the only companion he needs. Or so he thought. When he has to bring his dog to the vet, a certain female veterinarian has him feeling again and thinking differently. He thinks maybe he could find happiness again. But Dawn has more baggage than he knew. But who is he to judge? He has a ton of it himself.

Some of the things Alex battled in this book is some things my family has gone through also. So this one hit a little home. I understand his struggles day in and day out. I understand his worries.

As a mother myself I could understand Dawn's worries about bringing a new man into her child's life. Also the struggles to juggle between what herself as a woman wants to do and what she needs to do as a mother. But it helps how much her daughter, Katie, is drawn to Alex and how she instantly loves him. But that doesn't make her decisions easy, because Alex isn't an easy man.

I fell in love with Katie. Her wit, her innocent child's way of thinking, had me laughing out loud.

This book also had a little twist that had me asking 'what in the world?'. This book has dual POV's with one very interesting one. :)

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