Monday, January 16, 2017

Shy's Review ~ Worth the Wait by Claudia Connor

Worth the Wait (McKinney/Walker, #1)Worth the Wait by Claudia Connor
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a touching and heartfelt story about second chances at love and what the heart can endure.

This story took me on quiet the adventure. I really enjoyed the start. The intro to the main characters. And the establishing of the relationships. And then I will admit that for a while, the flow of the story was disrupted for me. I would get very wrapped up in the current happenings and then suddenly the story would switch to the past or future, the opposite time of what I had just been reading and enjoying.

I also spent a good chunk of the story anxiously awaiting what I knew was coming. The build up was obvious and intense. And then as big moments and secrets were revealed, on came the water works from all the feels. My heart hurt so much for so many of these characters, especially Mia, Nick, and Hannah.

But the wrap up and ending was very well done. I really enjoyed this story. I look forward to more of the Walker brother's stories, and I would love to take a look at the McKinney series.

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