Sunday, March 5, 2017

Erin's Review ~ Love Revealed by J.C. Santo

Love Revealed  (Navy Love #4)Love Revealed by J.C. Santo
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars


I completely fell in love with Marshall throughout this series. He's been the one you could always count on for a laugh, a shoulder to cry on, some tough love, and no judgment. He knows exactly what his friends need and he's always there to deliver. I was beyond excited to get my hands on his book!
Throughout the series, we've learned that Marsh is in a relationship with someone, we just haven't met that someone yet. The time has arrived and we finally get to meet the elusive Preston and wow, he's amazing and a bit of a surprise too! Preston is the opposite to Marshall in several ways. Among other things, he's reserved where Marsh is open and self-conscious where Marsh is confident. Marshall made some choices that I didn't fully agree with but ultimately he showed us the Marsh we know and love. He was incredibly supportive of Preston throughout his journey.
Once again, Santo delivers a strong, character driven story. Preston was so conflicted. He knew who he wanted to be but he couldn't come to terms with it because of how the people closest to him felt about it. It caused a great deal of angst for him and Marshall throughout the story. I loved how good they could be together. Even with their struggles, they just fit. Santo gave us drama but also focused on them as a couple. I enjoyed watching as their relationship progressed and began to change each of them. This was definitely a story of change and self-discovery, of being comfortable in your own skin and finding love when you're least looking for it.
Santo gave us some time with the rest of the Navy Love crew, some Sawyer adventures, and an introduction to Preston's sister, Erin. All of which added a different dimension and created even more depth to this already deep story. I'm hoping that by including Erin in Love Revealed it might mean we'll see more of this series. I can't wait to see what JC give us next!!

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