Sunday, March 5, 2017

Shy's Review ~ Cole by Tijan

ColeCole by Tijan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Let me start this review off by saying I think I might be forming a little bit of an obsession with this author and her writing. With every new book of hers I read, I am newly impressed with the way I get pulled into the story right away and the emotion and plot twists keep me hooked until the end.

This amazing story was about Cole and Addison. From the moment Addison lays eyes on Cole, she is intrigued. And their first meeting sets them on a course that will include revelations about the past, danger and questions of loyalty in the present, and uncertainties about the future. But along the way their connection and attraction can't be denied.

I absolutely loved this story and these characters. Cole was dangerous and mysterious but at the same time considerate and was written with the perfect combination of broody, dominant bad a** to have me falling head over heels. Addison was also amazingly well written with her kind and friendly yet reserved, sad and broken yet strong personality. I felt like they were so perfectly matched for each other and I spent the whole book rooting for them as I watched their story unfold.

If you are looking for a complex plot, strong leading and entertaining secondary characters, with a fantastic romance at its core that doesn't rely on nothing but steamy scenes every other chapter to keep you reading then pick up this book. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt after reading this that I will never hesitate to pick up a Tijan story because I know I will devour and enjoy every word of it.

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