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Shy's Review ~ Rough & Tumble by Rhenna Morgan

Rough & Tumble (Haven Brotherhood, #1)Rough & Tumble by Rhenna Morgan
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Take a seemingly straight laced event planner with a far from stellar family and a gruff extremely dominant alpha with what at first glance appears to be quite a variety of business interests, some that may be dangerous, and you've got a little taste of what Rough and Tumble is about.

Jace and Viv meet during one of her now common rescue missions for her sister. Their chemistry is instant from the moment their eyes connect, and Jace becomes determined to learn more. Through schemes and manipulations they're brought together for what is supposed to be business dealings but it's not long before personal gets thrown in the mix. Jace and Viv might have an undeniable attraction, but they will have to overcome past fears and current threats and misunderstandings if they want to make what they have real and lasting.

Jace was the kind of leading man that has layers. And those layers combined to make a very interesting and fun to read character. He was loyal to those he loved. And he had been through his own share of hardship and struggle starting at a very young age. But he was able to take the negatives and turn them into positives. He was constantly showing that he was much more than what met the eye even though based on the description given, what met the eye definitely wasn't anything to pass up. I loved the fact that he owned up to his mistakes, that he went after what he wanted, and that he absolutely showed he was willing to take Viv just how she was.

Viv seemed to have worked her way out of a very rough childhood and is finally starting to make her dreams a reality. But between cash flow problems and a sister that won't stay out of trouble, she can't quite seem to catch a break. When she meets Jace, she isn't prepared for him in the slightest. She isn't looking for a relationship and she certainly doesn't think he's the type of man she should settle down with even if she were looking. But he keeps turning up and making it very hard to continue denying the sparks between them. I found myself liking her character quite a bit as well. I loved her strength in light of the way things are going in her life at the time. She stuck up for herself, thought about things instead of just going with the flow, and also wasn't afraid to push boundaries if something didn't seem right. I like strong leading ladies and she definitely struck me as one.

Overall this was a very good story. I enjoyed the flow, the twists and turns, and the relationship building between the couple. There were some good, steamy moments thrown in the mix, as well as some heartfelt ones. I also loved the different personalities shown in the other members of the Brotherhood. I look forward to reading their stories in the future

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