Thursday, April 27, 2017

Erin's Review ~ Lost Rider by Harper Sloan

Lost Rider (Coming Home, #1)Lost Rider by Harper Sloan
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars


Lost Rider was a touching story of moving forward and second chances.
Past heartbreak and a chance for more. Maverick Davis left home to escape a life of pain, leaving his family and Leighton James behind. Leighton, broken hearted by Mav's parting words, isn't the little girl she used to be. Years have changed both Maverick and Leighton's lives and when Maverick comes back to Pine Oak, things begin to heat up.
In true Sloan fashion, we are given bold and multi-dimensional characters. There were aspects of each that were frustrating at times, but it was all part of who they were. I had a hard time connecting with Maverick initially. After some time, I was able to understand his choices and motivation better. There was so much to him, so many layers to discover. It made him feel more realistic and ultimately become a character that I rooted for and came to love. This intense, passionate, and resilient man completely stole my heart.
I loved Leighton from the start. Her strength and spirit was infectious. I couldn't help but admire how complex she was, vulnerable yet guarded, selfless yet closed off. I loved watching her change throughout the story.
I enjoyed the tension between these two. The sexual chemistry they had was off the charts. They were hostile and intense and extremely explosive. I was tearing through the pages, excited to see how things would turn out. I needed to know if the past would be too much to overcome.
I was swept up into this story. It was sweet, quite poignant at times, and oh so captivating. I love that this is the start of a new series. I can't wait for more!!

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