Thursday, April 27, 2017

Shy's Review ~ His Family of Convenience by Amy Ayers

His Family of ConvenienceHis Family of Convenience by Amy Ayers
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars


This was a quick and easy read with some of of my favorite elements. Interesting plot including a secret baby. And characters who develop, grow and make hard decisions to try to obtain their happily ever after.

Marco and Senna's lives are changed after one night when they give in to the attraction between them. But a year goes by with no contact after that. Marco comes storming back into her life demanding access to her son despite her failed attempts to get ahold of him. While their attraction might still be there, there are plenty of things standing in their way and ultimately Marco will have to decide if his family expectations or his newly created family are more important to him.

Ultimately this was a pretty solid story with a good plot flow, some interesting twists and great chemistry between the leading characters. I loved the secret baby angle and felt like it was done pretty well. I think the only thing that prevented me from enjoying this story more was that I felt that this was supposed to be a contemporary romance and yet it almost seems the reasons keeping the main characters apart were a little more old school then something likely to happen nowadays. I get that it was tradition, I just personally would have liked to see a little more to it then firstborn obligation.

That being said it was a pretty good story with solid writing. Just enough angst and steam to keep things interesting. I would definitely be willing to check out more from this author in future.

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