Friday, May 26, 2017

Shy's Review ~ The Virgin Cowboy Billionaire's Secret Baby by Lauren Gallagher

The Virgin Cowboy Billionaire's Secret BabyThe Virgin Cowboy Billionaire's Secret Baby by Lauren Gallagher
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

In this story I got to step away from the normal inexperienced female virgin and switch it up with an inexperienced male virgin. It certainly made for a different story for me.

Matt and Dara had been friends most of their life. Then a fight, many years and a whole string of life situations later they find themselves expecting a baby. But they will have to navigate a family feud, rekindling a friendship, and the little issue of Matt's virginity all while coming to terms with their impending parenthood and it may just drive them apart, drive them crazy, or drive them toward something they never saw coming, love.

I've got to say, my favorite part of this story was Dara. She was this tough, mouthy woman who just balanced out Matt perfectly. The situation that led to the primary plot of the story, the pregnancy, was one that endeared me to Dara even more. She was dealt some bad hands throughout her life. But she didn't let it turn her into a self pitying mess. I loved her.

Matt may not go down in history as my favorite leading man, but he was a good one. I liked the dynamic between him and Dara. I've read stories with awkward leading men before, but somehow Matt was a little different. He was very awkward, shy, whatever you want to call it. Seeing him in action helped make his virginity at his age more realistic for me. And I absolutely felt, once I read scenes showing how he and Dara were together, that she was the perfect yin to his yang. I think it was just a really big change for me seeing the guy as the one who isn't comfortable in social settings.

One other person in the story I felt VERY strongly about was Matt's mother. I can't help but say I really didn't like her. I kept waiting for her to show me something different. I was hoping for a softer side. Some give. Some understanding and concern for the happiness of not only Matt, but also his sister Beth, but I never got what I was looking for. So she ended up being a really dis-likable character for me. But maybe that was the author's intent.

Either way, I enjoyed the overall story, and I especially liked the ending when everything finally came together. I just hope Beth gets her own story.

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