Thursday, June 29, 2017

Diane's Review ~ The Beard Made Me Do It by Lani Lynn Vale

4 out of 5 stars

And Jessie’s beard is spectacular!
Ahh… a new Rejects story! I was so ready to sink my hands into a new beard and wallow in another funny, heart-tugging, family-filled romance. And I so did! Ellen and Jessie’s relationship ended years ago with a pain-filled whimper. When they meet years later so much had changed but also remained the same. They had to work through their past, deal with the present and wonder if there would ever be a future them…

 “You feel like my dreams,” he whispered gruffly.”
Jessie is a man who was dealt the worst, and the best, things in life. Through it all, sacrifice for the ones he loves was something he was prepared to do even if it hurts himself. The big things, the little things, they were a measure of Jessie’s heart and how big and loyal it was. He was big and brash and could my heart with the way he loves…

Ellen was angry and hurt, with years only increasing her feelings of love and devastation for the man who had meant everything. Her life had not gone in the direction she thought it would and when Jessie came back into her life she would have to re-evaluate everything… While they would square off for a battle a long time coming, her heart would be tested yet again.

“If it weren’t for physics and law enforcement, I’d be unstoppable.”

And what a battle it was! Theirs is a second chance that is fraught with emotion and such real life that I couldn’t help wallowing in the drama and laughter. This author, her series, have people who you know, who could be your brother, your sister, your family, and makes them your own. They make me laugh, they make me mad. And they make me feel like love, no matter how hard life is, can get you through anything. Jessie, Ellen, Linc… This story is all that and more…

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