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Shy's Review ~ Confessions of a Former Puck Bunny by Cindi Madsen

Confessions of a Former Puck BunnyConfessions of a Former Puck Bunny by Cindi Madsen
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This was a NA and Romantic comedy that I liked alot.

I haven't read any of the previous books in the series, but I didn't feel like it effected my enjoyment of the story. It only made me want to go back and read those books and find out the story behind those couples shown in this one. This story features Ryder, a defensive player on the college hockey team, and Lindsay, a former puck bunny who's trying hard to avoid all things hockey.

This story really kicks off when Lindsay needs help to pass her math class and Ryder comes to her aide. I've personally got a soft spot for jocks who aren't just jocks but have this alternate nerdy side. And while Lindsay would rather anyone but the sexy hockey player help her, he's the only one who really can. The time spent studying never stays strictly study time which allows these two to get to know each other better. Soon the attraction Lindsay has been fighting can't be fought anymore and they both need to decide of they want to make this something more or if their past and present lives will stop them from having any kind of a future.

As I've already hinted at, I loved Ryder. He's well written as this big strong guy who's loyal to friends, self sacrificing for those he loves, smart, funny and just the total package. He has his moments when his faults or flaws come through but that just made me appreciate him even more. I don't like when only one character has issues and the other is portrayed as this perfect person the other doesn't deserve.

Lindsay was a different kind of character for me. Puck bunnies are generally written as negative characters and always shown in a bad light. While there was definitely some of that here, you also got to see that they have thoughts and feelings and are actually people too. She had her issues to over come and she had her strong character aspects as well. I only wish I could have gotten a better feel of the past with a certain hockey player that lead her to where she is today. It was mentioned but more in a fuel to her fire aspect and not enough emotion for me to explain her level of anger, hostility and avoidance of the hockey world. Her mom seemed like more of a reason for her to have avoided things, but it wasn't the reason she became a former puck bunny.

Overall this was a good story that I enjoyed reading and would definitely recommend to fans of sports romance, romantic comedy, NA romance, or someone who's just looking for a good read that doesn't go overboard with the angst but has a solid flow to the story that keeps you reading.

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