Monday, July 3, 2017

Shy's Review ~ Much Ado About Bachelors by Caitlyn Blue

Much Ado About BachelorsMuch Ado About Bachelors by Caitlyn Blue
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In this contemporary romance, Reed is a man who has experienced a lot of hurt in his past. To add to that, he also recently went through a bad breakup with a coworker so has a strict rule against dating women he works with now. It might not have been a problem if he didn't start teaching at a new school and right away meet free spirit and coworker Sarah who instantly becomes a great friend and person to hang out with. After a night of drinking, lines get crossed and rules go by the way side. But Reed has some pretty high walls he's built and keeping people at a distance is something he's mastered. Sarah may have been able to lower his defenses to get so far, but getting his heart may prove to be an impossible feat.

After reading about the childhood and teen years Reed had, it was pretty clear to me why he was the way he was. Add to it the break up that lead him to the new school where he meets Sarah, and even his rule makes sense. But the connection between the two was shown and told so well that it just made sense that they should be together. Watching them make their way through the emotional baggage from the past made for a good story. Sarah was funny but didn't always think things through. It was another dynamic to her and Reed's relationship I liked. I felt like they balanced each other out.

This was a pretty easy read with some good humor. Most of the secondary characters are good although I will admit I'm looking forward to hopefully understanding Brynn better after reading her story. The steam was the perfect amount to not flood the story with it. I would say this story had more drama then angst. But all in all it made for a solid, enjoyable book.

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