Thursday, October 12, 2017

Erin's Review ~ The Brother by K. Larsen

The BrotherThe Brother by K. Larsen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I can't get enough of Larsen's writing. She has this incredible way with words that allows you to get lost within the pages. Once again, she delivers the beautiful and evocative prose, bold and broken characters, and intense story line we've come to love from her. This story, while very different from The Tutor, also elicited strong emotions from me. I was utterly captivated.
It has been a long road for both Liam and Nora. They have suffered so much at the hands of others and the effects of that is ever present. Throughout the story, the changes to both characters was interesting to watch. While still being guarded, I loved seeing Nora carefree and happy. I struggled for awhile with wanting to love Liam but questioning his motives. This, in turn, created a sense of unease and suspense.
Every time I write a review for one of Larsen's books, I find myself unable to fully express my feelings. While The Brother had some dark undertones, this story was much lighter and more of a romance than the first book. Larsen leaves us with a teasing look at the next book in this series and I am both terrified and excited to see what will happen next!

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