Monday, February 3, 2020

Sara's Review ~ Wicked Dreams by S. Massery

Wicked Dreams (Fallen Royals, #1)Wicked Dreams by S. Massery
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

- Sara, 5 stars

I have become quite a fan of Dark Romances so I was excited to read Wicked Dreams. My heart went out to Margo for all that she has gone through her life and I was so livid reading the awful things they were doing to her I even shed tears, So when things started to turn around I was so happy. As each chapter went on she was happier and happier and I was getting worried something was going to happen and I was right. I was so shocked at how it ended it had me craving more. Only three months to wait 😵

Margo is just shy of turning eighteen and then she will be a “free woman” from the system. She has been a foster kid since she was a kid. Her mother turned to drugs and her father was in jail now. The last eleven months of her teen life she is put with a great family in the town she came from and is now attending school with the kids she grew up with. Needless to say she is nervous.

Caleb isn’t all too happy about Margo's return and he doesn’t plan on keeping his feelings hidden. He is the king of school and his minions will do anything he wants. But do his feelings for Margo start to cloud his judgement ?? Definitely read to find out!!!

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