Monday, June 8, 2020

Sara's Review ~ Wicked Promises by S. Massery

Wicked Promises (Fallen Royals, #3)Wicked Promises by S. Massery
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

-Sara, 5 huge stars

I have been following Caleb and Margo from the beginning and I must say Wicked Promises has to be my favourite of the three.

Caleb despised Margo and he had years to plan different ways to ruin her but she proved she wasn’t a sheep, she was a Wolfe! They go through hell and back in this book and overcome everything thrown their way.

Margo is trying everything possible to remember her past but something keeps blocking her memory. It takes life threatening situations to help her remember and once she starts remembering she can’t stop. Watching her grow in these three books had me smiling from ear to ear. With each secret coming unraveled you sink more and more into the book to find out the next one.

I was so happy that Margo and Caleb finally got the answers they deserved and a true first love ending.

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