Sunday, July 19, 2020

Marie's Review ~ King of Nothing by Jacie Lennon

King of Nothing (Boys of Almadale, #1)King of Nothing by Jacie Lennon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

-Marie, 4 stars

This book captivated me and I had to know what was happening from the start. It was like a mystery to see what each character was hiding and how it would turn out.

Landry has no clue that moving schools her senior year that she would inherit two twin step brothers, Brock and Bodhi, along with their best friend Corbin who were known as The Three Kings of Almadale Prep. She lived with her Dad mostly so, moving in with her mom and her new husband was also something new to her. She also had no clue that everyone had secrets.

The Three Kings went right to work at making Landry feel not welcome but Corbin had a softer side to him when it came to her. Their first encounter it seemed like love at first sight. The relationship between her and the twins was tense. She had no clue what they were trying to pin on her and her mother, until she did.

Corbin discovered life altering secrets about his biological parents thanks to his best friend Brock. He finally wasn’t just the scholarship student anymore, he was a higher rank then them. All he wanted was his little brother Abe to be safe and the girl of his dreams.

Her mom being deceitful and divorced, Chester Montgomery decided to embrace Landry and she was still part of the family. Her relationship with Brock and Bodhi was better. The chemistry between Landry and Corbin was one to make you cheer for them! Everything was finally in place for all of them. No more secrets, just love and family!

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