Friday, July 3, 2020

New Release ~ #REVIEW ~ A Real Goode Time by Jasinda Wilder

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Rhys Frost—he’s literally too good to be true. Tall, dark, and so handsome, with big strong grease-stained and work-roughed hands, a brilliant smile, and a heart of gold. He’s patient. He’s funny. And he wants me. He wants to do things to me that I’ve never even dared fantasize about. 
The problem is, I’m a virgin, and I haven’t told him. 
* * *
I found Torie Goode on the side of the road in a torrential downpour, looking like a sad wet rat. Then I got a better look at her, and I realized I had a woman of truly breathtaking beauty in the passenger seat of my old CJ-7. Somehow, I managed to let myself get lured into a road trip with a gorgeous, tantalizing woman...who was, for some reason, reticent to let things go anywhere between us, physically. She’s hiding something. And we’re alone in a car for hours on end, days on end. Connecticut to Alaska, to be exact. 
I want her.
She wants me.
I just need to figure out what her hold up is, and how to get past it…and what to do if and when I do.

Another funny, sexy, soul-searching romance…

While the Badd and Goode stories may be read as stand-alones, tantalizing glimpses of Torie in earlier books meant I couldn’t wait to dive into her and Rhys’ romance!

Torie was heading to Alaska for her sister’s wedding and she was determined to make it there using her own resources. Fiercely independent, on day one of her journey she (luckily) ran into Rhys and that, as they say, was that. Soon these strangers were anything but, quietly acknowledging they were going to have more than a fleeting encounter… Rhys was a solid, good guy with big goals. He was single-minded, focused but had warmth that shone in his generosity and easy-going laugh. Torie was still trying to find her purpose, a hard worker but with little idea what could be her passion… As they found out, they were going to find what they were missing, in each other…

“We’re both awkward. It’s cool.”

They talked to each other. Embarrassing, frank conversations about personal, painful things - family, dreams, fantasies. About their goals or lack of them. Everything they didn’t share with anyone else – they quietly opened up to each other. Did they think about sex? Oh yeah, they thought about it. A lot. They talked about it even more…

Steamy with all the feels and family I hoped for, I savored their story, knowing only one more is left. Am not in the least ready for the end…  

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