Monday, August 3, 2020

Jess's Review ~ Andorra Sector by Lexi C. Foss

Andorra Sector (X-Clan #1) My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I love paranormal and shifter romances were just not something I ever really dove into, until now. I have read a few here and there, but I was all-in to this story and really can't wait for more from this world.

The X-Clan lives under a dome during the most dangerous times for humans. Zombies are a real thing and have basically demolished the human population. In a world, not anything like the one we have now, the X-Clan with their superior genes and technology have made a life for themselves. The problem being the lack of Omegas to their numerous Alphas.

Kat is human, living in a cave and really quite lucky to still be alive. And then she becomes part of a hairbrained idea to scavage food from the X-Clan. Luckily her feisty attitude makes her more interesting to capture than to kill. But now the leader has his sights set on her and she will fight him tooth and claw.

Ander Cain is in charge and tolerates zero disobedience. So when the newly turned Omega flips his neat and tidy world upsidedown, he does the only thing he can and that is to punish her. And punish her he does, even while they can't keep their hands to themselves. Beyond this stubborn new wolf, he has trades and threats of tyranny to deal with.

This was a super sexy and intense read. Ander could be a broody jerk and Kat could be a bit too bull-headed but together their fight was engaging and interesting to watch. Lexi created a pretty unique world and there were enough characters and sectors to keep the story going for some time. I am super excited to read the follow-up books that are coming and really found myself enjoying this way more than I expected.

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