Monday, August 3, 2020

Jess's Review ~ Dirty Girls by Lily White

Dirty Girls My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Well, I did not see that coming!

This was a well planned out twisted "romantic" suspense. The romantic portion of this story took the backburner to the horror that was happening in this well-off Washinton town. This little town overrun by a bunch of rich kids gone wild. There are three types of people in this town, the kings, the pledges and a very small amount of everyone else.

Olive is trying to remain in that small percent of everyone else. She has zero interest in becoming one of the pledges and just wants to finish school. But when Soren gets out of prison hiding in the background is not even possible. Soren is in charge of this twisted group and the tasks he assigns are not all fun and games, especially when more girls end up dead.

The first was two years prior, but then nothing until he is released. Convenient? Coincidence? Something else entirely? This book definitely kept me guessing. Was it this person? Was it that one? As I neared the end, I kind of saw who it was but only in parts and certainly did not anticipate the whole story. This was dark, with a touch of creepy and a lot of messed up. I had a hard time liking Soren and his crew because they are the type who put bullies to shame. I was also a bit skeptical about Mr. FBI and I feel like there is more to him than what we got. I guess we will see if Ms. White ever brings his story to life. Olive tried to give as good as she got but was a kitten in the jungle. I do need to give her credit for not folding into the crowd and being able to keep moving forward when the whole town was trying to push you back. Overall this was an engaging and a bit horrifying read that I definitely enjoyed.

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